Updated January 1, 2021


In order to try and protect those who choose to gather with us, there are certain measures we are taking to hopefully minimize the likelihood of someone contracting the virus here. Masks will be required at all times inside the building. We will be using three doors to enter the building. The available doors include: the double glass doors near the front parking lot, the double glass doors on the mall side near the mailbox, and the double glass doors at the Welcome Center. These doors will be open beginning at 10:40 a.m. A greeter will be stationed at each door to open the door for you and your family. An offering plate will be nearby for you to place your tithes and offerings as you leave the building if you choose not to give online. We ask you to come straight to the sanctuary and be seated as a family on a designated pew. If more than one family uses the same pew, make sure to keep at least six feet of space between families. If at all possible, use the restroom before you leave home. The two restrooms nearest the sanctuary will both be designated for women and girls. The two nearest the preschool area will be designated for men and boys. The doors for the bathrooms will remain open in order to prevent anyone from having to touch a door handle. The water fountains are not available at this present time. No one should have to get up and leave the sanctuary during worship. We will only be here for an hour at the most. Parents, please help us with this. There will be no nursery, no Kingdom Kids, no bulletins, and no offering plates passed. We will dismiss back to front and no congregating will be allowed inside the building. You can fellowship outside the building if you so choose. Please adhere to these measures so we don’t have an outbreak of the virus in our congregation. If we do have an outbreak, it will necessitate an online experience only.

Hopefully, we can have meaningful and safe worship experiences for the Northside family of faith from here on out. Remember, there is no judging for those who choose to stay safe at home at this time. Some of our folks are in too high a risk category to return, and they should stay home. We fully support them and encourage them to remain at home for now.

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