Newsletter for Week of August 12, 2019


In our business meeting on Sunday night July 14, our Northside church family agreed to enter into a season of prayer for our church. We are united in our search for vision and clear direction from God regarding how to be the individuals and church He wants us to be.




Dear Northside Family,

Every year during the month of August we are privileged to have a member of Gideons International come speak at our church.

This Sunday we will gladly hear Mr. Jerry Mims represent this fine ministry. Members of this organization, along with their wives who make up the Auxiliary, are dedicated to telling people about Jesus through associating together for service, sharing personal testimony, and by providing Bibles and New Testaments. The Gideons International was established in 1899. Their founders realized that Christian men needed to be continually strengthened in their walk with the Lord, and that by standing together in faith they could accomplish great things for God’s kingdom. As I said Sunday, our church has the reputation of giving a strong offering to this ministry. Together I know we will do that again this Sunday as we meet for worship and inspiration.


Be in prayer for our men’s mission team as they serve in Brevard, North Carolina, next week.

They will be doing some work at a children’s home there. Pray for safety as they travel and as they work during the week. I’m hoping to be able to join them next year after I am completely over the two surgeries I’ve had this year. I miss being with our guys on these mission trips. 

 -Bro. David


Youth & Education

Breakfast –

The first breakfast of the new school year will be on Wednesday, August 28. The food will be ready to eat by 7:00 a.m. If you need for it to be ready earlier, please let me know, and we can have it prepared for you so you can get to school on time, even if you go to a county school.

Movie Day – The new Kendrick Brothers movie,  “Overcomer,” is opening in theaters on Thursday, August 22.

We will go to the Cullman theater on Saturday, August 24, to view the movie. The movie begins at 4:00 p.m., so we will leave the church by 2:40 to have plenty of time to get into the theater and get good seats. After the movie, we will stay in that area for a bite of supper. According to the website, tickets for this showing are $5.99 for all age groups. If you would like to go, please pay me by Wednesday, August 21, or go online and purchase your ticket. This is not just for students, but for anyone who would like to see the movie.

Labor Day SMLT & SNAC – (Student Ministry Leadership Team & Sunday Night After Church)

Since school is not in session on Labor Day, we will have an extended SNAC on Sunday, September 1. It will be combined with a Student Ministries Leadership Team meeting where we will be discussing the Ski Retreat and other end of the year activities. We will also show the compiled video of the rafting trip during the BTS Retreat. Make plans to join us for this time of food, fun, and fellowship.

 -Bro. John

Music & Outreach

     I’m going to go ahead and admit, this article doesn’t have much to do with worship or outreach, yet it has everything to do with worship and outreach.

     Intermittent fasting is a popular topic on the Internet right now because of the weight loss benefits. One topic that is not popular anywhere right now is regular fasting, like the kind that is mentioned many times in the Bible. You know that we are currently in a season of prayer at Northside. Have you considered fasting as part of your prayer-life during this time? One reason scriptural fasting is done is to help a person focus on God. We deny ourselves something important, like food, so that when we have a desire for it we are reminded to pray instead. When I think of fasting, I think of Moses, Elijah, and Jesus. These guys each fasted for forty days. I don’t think God expects us to fast for 40 days, but I know that God wants us to pray without ceasing. If skipping a meal or three will help you be reminded to pray more, to rely on God’s strength more, and to intensify your pursuit of God’s will for your life, it just might be worth trying. Consider starting small and skipping just one meal. During the time you would usually eat that meal take that time to pray instead. I think you might find yourself more filled afterward than if you had eaten the meal.

     So what exactly does this have to do with worship and outreach?  Just imagine how great your worship experiences will be and how much more outreach minded you might be if you were more focused on God daily. Just a thought.

 Praying for you,

- Bro. Shawn 


NBC Kids

M&M - 

Music and Missions for children in grades 1-5

Wednesday night, September 4,  Beginning at 5:45 p.m.

Children will meet in the fellowship hall for food and then rotate through missions and music to kick off the new church year.


People Of Praise - 

Tuesday 08/13/19

Meet at church at 9:30. We'll sing at Ridgewood and Harbor Chase then have lunch together at a local restuarant. All Ages are welcome. 


It’s almost Christmas in August time!! This year our CIA missionary is Liz McGraw who is a State Corrections Chaplain at Louisiana State Penitentiary (better known as Angola).

Her requests are:

Christian greeting cards (NOT CHRISTMAS CARDS) – birthday, get well, thinking of you, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. The prisoners can mail these to family members.

Christian Tracts for Liz to use in sharing with offenders and employees

Visa Gift Cards for Liz to buy toiletry items

Because Visa Gift Cards carry a fee of about $4.00 each, those who would like to participate in CIA can choose to give cash or a check to NBC marked “CIA” and Cathy will take the money and buy VISA gift cards. This will cost less in the long run because of saving the fees on several small ones. We can also use the money to buy tracts in bulk. However, if anyone is in B’ham and wishes to go by Lifeway, tracts can be purchased there. Those telling the basic plan of salvation would be good.

The deadline to contribute or bring greeting cards will be Wednesday, August 28.

Serving Others 

Mission Trip Opportunity - 


August 18-23 - This trip will consist of working on a children’s home in North Carolina. If interested, please sign the list on the foyer table and talk to David Hendon to get more information. He is working out details about lodging, meals, etc.


Food Closet Needs -

Bags of rice, packs of baking mix, cooking oil, sugar


Important Dates:

Monday August 12 - Deacons Meeting & WOM Meeting - 6:30pm

Tuesday August 13 - People of Praise

Sunday August 18 - Saturay August 23 - North Carolina Mission Trip

Sunday August 18 - Gideon Speaker in AM service

Wednesday August 21 - Quarterly Business Meeting

Saturday August 24 - "Overcomer" movie night in Cullman

Wednesday August 28 - Youth Breakfast 

Wednesday August 28 - Missions Recognition for children's missions groups

Sunday Septmber 1 - Youth SMLT & SNAC

Tuesday September 3 - Merry Hearts Meeting

Wednesday September 4 - M&M Kickoff (Music & Missions)

NBC Family

VIP Of The Week

Glenn McLemore / Lakewood Sr. Living  / Bldg. 2 / 2004 Viking Drive / Jasper, AL  35501


90+ Birthday

Faye Kendrick's 93rd Birthday is August 19



We express sympathy to Ella Quarrie in the death of her brother-in-law, Donald Madison.

Pray For


Jamie & Andrea Thompson, Church Planters in Chicago


 Pray For Our Schools

T.R. Simmons: Malinda Elliott, Missy Lay, Melanie Turner

Pray for our students, teachers, administrators and support personnel as they embark on a new school year. Pray that God will empower them and place a hedge of protection around them and each of the schools where they serve. 

Teacher Prayer Partners have been assigned, and everyone is being notified. If you are a teacher or a prayer partner and have not received this notification you may call the church office or contact Cathy Hadaway.


Serving Together


Ministry Teams for Sunday August 19, 2019  

Kingdom Kids:

                 August 18:  Dustin /Jill Bailey, Sara Harbor

                 August 25:  Paul / Missy Lay

Youth Choir Snack:         

                 August 18:   Cathy Hadaway, Debra Gravlee

                 August 25:    Kristina Hadaway, Christy Pavlovec

Patrol:  Jacob Elliott, Emmett Green, Alan Hadaway

Usher Captain: Kenny Horton

Membership (August):  Patsy Green

Sound:  Dustin Bailey

Video Projection:   Kristi Stinson 

Welcome Center 

      Before Sunday:  Chuck / Mandy Cordell

      Before Worship:   Barry Harbor, Steve Humphries

      Front Porch Greeters: Jerry Ross  & Teresa Anderson


ETC (for children birth - age 3)

August 18, 2019

A.M.  Beverly Langley, Patsy Brown, Christy Pavlovec, Abbey Cordes, Sherri Sartain, Jenna Brown, Evelyn Robinson, Caleb Ferguson, Tim Elliott

P.M. Marilyn Byrd, Charlene Bishop, Brandi Lamon, Ginger Seiberling, Josh Pavlovec


August 25, 2019

A.M.  Becky Sharpton, Vanesa Cook, Rhonda Vandiver, Beth Best, Linda Smith, Sandra Williams, Amanda Drummond, Carleigh Reeves, Blake Walton

P.M. Lauren Byrd, Judy Comer, Barney Self, Donna Kilgore, Jason Brown

If you cannot serve at your assigned time, please arrange a swap with someone from another day and advise the nursery coordinator of the swap. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the preschool area. Copies of the current schedule can also be found on the foyer table and in the preschool department. If you’d be willing to serve in ETC, please let Bro. John know. We sure could use some extra folks!


Deacons On Call:

August 18-24

James Davidson   (205) 275-0969

Rick Brown            (205) 275-6512



Weekly Budget Needs   $12,786.34

Received 8/11/2019         $8,111.00

Budget Needs YTD      $639,317.00

Recd YTD                   $630,649.08


Offerings & Attendance August 11, 2019

General Fund        $8,111

Building Fund        $125

Missions Fund       $55

Food Closet           $25


Attendance: 229

Contacts: 26