Newsletter for Week of February 10, 2020 

The Baby Bottle Boomerang is coming to a close. Please bring your baby bottles back this Sunday filled with your offering to the Pregnancy Test and Resource Center. If we are going to proclaim that we as Christians are pro-life, then it is our responsibility to support this ministry financially, prayerfully, and any other way God leads us. Great things are happening at the center. Just recently on a Tuesday evening, one of the male volunteers led two young men to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Imagine what a tremendous difference that is going to make in those two relationships. Statistics tell us that when the man in a relationship makes a decision for Christ, the woman will soon follow. Let’s all pray that will happen in both of these cases.

The time for our county-wide crusade (April 25-26) is only about eleven weeks away. To get ready for that potentially monumental event, Marilyn is going to begin a new discipleship class beginning on Sunday afternoon, March 1, at 5:00. Please note the new starting date. This class will explore ways to turn everyday conversations into gospel conversations. It will be open to men and women. If you want more information, she would be thrilled to discuss the class with you. 

 -Bro. David


Youth & Education 


All That Jazz - THANKS!

A big “Thank you” to everyone who helped make this year’s Valentine Banquet a success. Ira Hayes was a great head chef and he had too many helpers to name. Mandy, Tabitha, and Andrea did a great job of decorating the fellowship hall and Jeff Johnsey did his usual wonderful job of getting all the pictures. The JHS Jazz Band was terrific, especially our two Northsiders, Madelyn Seiberling and Jacob Harrington. Thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket to help our students go to FUGE this summer. Your support and prayers for these students is always appreciated.


New Class in D.T. - 

Beginning March 1 with the meeting place to be determined. This class will be led by Marilyn Byrd. The focus of the first session is how to turn normal conversations into gospel conversations.

-Bro. John

Music & Outreach

I just looked through my phone apps and realized I have 11 different apps that I can use to communicate with others. Wow. That's a lot of forms of communication and that list doesn’t even include talking to someone in person. Here in 2020, we have zero valid excuses for not inviting someone to church.

There are so many ways to communicate with someone. The days of saying "I couldn't get in touch with...." are gone. The people may not reply to your message but we definitely have ways to get a message to them and in some cases even see if they received the message. I say all this because I want to encourage you (and me too) to be more mindful about inviting others to worship with us. So far in 2020, we've had ten people visit with us and fill out either a yellow connect card or a guest form in Sunday School. That's not a bad number, but I know there's potential for more. If just 100 of us invited five people each and only 2% of those invitees showed up, we'd have ten guests this Sunday. Will you invite someone to worship with you this Sunday? If not, why not?

Bro. Shawn 

NBC Kids

Children’s Mission Day

February 15, 2020   1:00 - 5:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall, for children in grades 1-5.

Serving Others


Pill Packing Party

Sunday February 16 in the fellowship hall.  Counting and packing pills for the upcoming Honduras mission trip. This mission opportunity will take place right after morning worship. Mrs. Lou is providing lunch for those who stay, so sign up and let her know you will help!! 

Serving Others Through Giving

Mission of Hope

The Mission needs new or gently used stuffed animals to put in the Easter baskets for children of their clients. These need to be small, about the size of Beanie Babies. You may bring any you would like to donate by the office through the month of February. Baby Bottle Boomerang for the PTRC




Take a bottle and fill it with coins, bills or a check and return it to the church by Sunday, February 16. The money will be used for ongoing ministries at the PTRC. They will be very grateful for your support. All donations are tax deductible, so be sure to fill out the little slip of paper included in your bottle.

World Hunger Emphasis for 2020

World Hunger Day will be this Sunday, February 16. If you have a box of giving envelopes you can find the envelope in October’s envelopes. There are also envelopes in the pews. Our church goal is $5,200.



Scholarship Emphasis Month

During February you are encouraged to consider making a gift to one of our three NBC scholarships - the Cook, Douglas and Jaye Memorial Scholarships. These are awarded in May to our NBC students who apply and meet the necessary requirements.


Food Closet Needs

small bags of ready to eat cereal, saltine crackers,

canned beans other than green beans, canned fruit,

small bags of rice, 2 or 4 lb. bags of sugar


NBC Family


A Celebration in honor Bro. John’s retirement...

During the evening service on Sunday, February 23, 2020, we will have a special time of celebration in honor of Bro. John’s retirement. Following the service there will be a time of fellowship. There will be a place in the fellowship hall where you may leave a card or a note of congratulations, well wishes or appreciation.

If you were not in Sunday School on February 9 and did not have the opportunity to sign up to help with food, please get in touch with Andrea Nuss ( or 205-300-0673) and she can let you know what is needed. Desserts are already covered!!

Plan to be here and let’s give Bro. John a dose of Northside congratulations and a big “Thank You” for his service and dedication to our church.


Precious Northside family,  A heartfelt thank you for your messages, calls, and cards during the time of my sister, Marie Hartley’s surgeries and home going. To those of you who came to the visitation and funeral, your presence was such an encouragement and comfort. Your prayers were needed and felt by our family. We love you and thank you for loving us. - Cathy and Richard Hadaway & family



Christian sympathy to:

 - Alice Self in the death of her aunt, Charlene Stewart

 - The family of B.J. Dover, husband of the late Louise Dover


VIP Of The Week

Wayne Berry  7780 Highway 5  Nauvoo, AL 35578

Pray For

Missionaries of the Month

Missionary for the month of February

*Nancy Potter - Southeast Asia (*not her real name)


Educators of the Month

Cordova High School - Craig Hendon

Parrish Elementary - Carla Waid

Sunday Servants


Ministry Teams for upcoming weeks:

Kingdom Kids:

                2/16: Paul / Missy Lay

                2/23: Marilyn Byrd, Amy Keeton

Youth Choir Snack:        

                2/16: Cindy Walton, Dustie Hamrick

                2/23: Hilda Drummond, Joy Kelley  

Patrol : Ed Sartain, Andy Patton, Justin Robinson

Usher Captain: Erick Rivers

Membership: (February): Cindy Walton

Sound : Dustin Bailey

Video Projection: Kristi Stinson

Welcome Center:

     Before Sunday School: Mary Johnsey, Doris Ferguson

     Before Worship: Barry Harbor, Steve Humphries

     Front Porch Greeters: John / Sabrina Jaye



ETC (Extended Teaching Care: for children birth - age 3)

February 16:

A.M. Peggy Berry, Patsy Estes, Gena Dodd, Lou Altman, Kylie Pavlovec, Patsy Brown, Dustie Hamrick, Ethan Stinson, Scott Hamrick

P.M. Brandi Lamon, Jill Bailey, Donna Kilgore, Pamela Westbrook, Wes Lamon

February 23:

A.M. Lori Hayes, Tracy Ferguson, Beth Best, Rhonda Vandiver, Aubrie Johnsey, Brandy Robinson, Sabrina Jaye, Jeremiah Robinson, Ira Hayes

P.M. Ginger Seiberling, Marilyn Byrd, Judy Comer, Lauren Byrd, Justin Robinson

If you cannot serve at your assigned time, please arrange a swap with someone from another day and advise the nursery coordinator of the swap. The coordinator for February is Dustie Hamrick. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the preschool area.  If you’d be willing to serve in ETC, please let Wanda Pate know. We sure could use some extra folks!



Deacons of the Week

David Hendon 205-295-8118

Emmett Green 205-471-0517


Church Business


Open Staff Positions:



Minister of Youth & Education

The Minister of Youth and Education search committee is seeking to fill the position of Minister of Youth and Education. If you are interested in this position please contact the church office to apply or send your resume to Josh Pavlovec at

Offerings and Attendance for February 9, 2020

General Fund             $12,791.90
Missions Fund            $210
Building Fund             $70
Capital Fund               $650
Douglas Scholarship  $75
Jaye Scholarship        $25
Lottie Moon                 $300
World Hunger             $75
Food Closet                $25

Weekly Budget Needs     $11,982.92

Received 02/09/20          $12,791.90

Budget Needs YTD       $287,590.08

Received YTD               $295,969.39

Attendance 02/09/20: 192

Contacts    02/09/20:  15