Newsletter for Week of January 20, 2020 


A Word From The Pastor:

I want to thank everyone who picked up a baby bottle on Sunday for our Baby Bottle Boomerang emphasis to benefit the Pregnancy Test and Resource Center. One of our young people, Hayden Yerby, brought his back Sunday night filled with $60 worth of quarters! Way to go, Hayden. We will be collecting the baby bottles on Sunday, February 16.

I want to thank you in advance for your support of this vital, local ministry. Because of your gifts, there is the potential for lives to be spared right here in our county. Thanks also to those of you who braved the cold temperature to come out Tuesday evening (or who will come out Tuesday evening depending on when you read this online. =) for the candlelight prayer vigil on the courthouse square. I would ask you to be praying for the Pregnancy Test and Resource Center Fundraising Gala to be held on Friday evening, February 21, at the Jasper Civic Center. This is the largest fundraiser of the year for the center, and it is vitally important that a large sum of money is raised on this night.

Our guest speaker this year is Jonathan Evans, son of the Rev. Dr. Tony Evans and the late Lois Evans. He is also the sister of Priscilla Shirer. We are very fortunate to have this fellow believer as our guest in Jasper for this event.

 -Bro. David


Youth & Education

Fuge Registration

The Fuge trip this year is June 22 – 27 to Mobile, AL. The group will be based at The University of Mobile and will be working at mission sites around the Mobile area. The registration fee is $60 per person and is due by Sunday, January 26. We have 50 spots reserved, so if you want to go, please get your registration fee to me ASAP.


All That Jazz

This is the theme for the Valentine Banquet this year. We will have New Orleans style food, not too spicy for those who don’t need spicy, and a special performance by the Jasper High School Jazz Band. Tickets are on sale now before and after services. $30 per couple or $15 for a single. Please purchase your tickets early to help us in planning for the food. The banquet will be Saturday, February 8 at 5:30 p.m.


Discipleship Training

We have a full slate of options for DT going on at the present time. The younger ladies’ group has just started a new study by Karen Ehman entitle, “Keep It Shut”. The men’s group is only 1 week into at study by the Kendrick brothers based on the “Overcomer” movie. The title of this study is “Defined”. The other ladies’ group, taught by June Smith, is in their ongoing study of “The Daniel Prayer.”.Acteens and Challenger’s for the youth and Bible Drill for the children are also ongoing. There is something for everyone at 5:00 p.m. on Sundays.

-Bro. John

Music & Outreach

I've been spending some time recently reading about churches who are successful in reaching young adults and young families. The internet articles I've read have had some very interesting ideas for big outreach events that might draw attention to a church family. I won’t get into that list of ideas here, but I will ask what are we willing to do to reach out? Are we willing to spend more money on outreach? Are we willing to spend more time on outreach? Are we willing to get out of our comfort zones and try something different? Are you willing to invite someone today? When was the last time you simply invited someone to church with you? Big outreach events like the ones I've been reading about are important, but our personal regular invitations to others are equally as important. So here's my challenge: right now call, text, or email someone and invite him or her to come to church with you this Sunday. Don’t know who to invite? Let me know, and I can give you a list of prospects to choose from. Will you accept the challenge? Don’t wait. Do it right now. 

Other Items of Importance


Minister of Youth & Education

The Minister of Youth and Education search committee is seeking to fill the position of Minister of Youth and Education. If you are interested in this position please contact the church office to apply or send your resume to Josh Pavlovec at

Receptionist (Part Time)

There is an opening for a part-time receptionist in the church office. If you are an NBC member and interested in applying, please come by the church office to pick up an application and job description. 

Camp Registrations

MFUGE - $60 non-refundable deposit by Sunday, January 26  See Bro. John for info about FUGE.

CentriKid - $60 non-refundable deposit by Sunday, February 2  See Bro. Wes for info about CentriKid.This is for children currently in grades 4-6.


Deacon Nominations

During the last two weeks of January, all Northside members who are at least Youth II age (9th grade) will have the opportunity to nominate men for the office of deacon. To qualify, a man must be at least 21 years of age, a Christian for at least five (5) years and a member of Northside for at least three (3) years.Prayerfully consider who you would like to nominate and then ask that person if he would be willing to serve before placing his name in nomination.

The following men are currently serving and therefore ineligible for nomination: Ed Davidson, Glen Gravlee, Emmett Green, Kenny Horton, Blake Walton, Justin Robinson, Mike Gibson, Dustin Bailey and David Hendon.Nomination ballots are available in the office and on the foyer table. Fill it out, fold it once and drop it by the office or place it in the offering plate.


Baby Bottle Boomerang for the PTRC

Take a bottle and fill it with coins or bills and return it to the church by Sunday, February 16. The money will be used for ongoing ministries at the PTRC. They will be very grateful for your support.

World Hunger Emphasis for 2020

World Hunger Day will be February 16. If you have a box of giving envelopes you will need to move this special offering envelope from October to February 16.  The state office made this change after we ordered envelopes. Look for envelopes in the pew racks soon.


Scholarship Emphasis Month

During February you are encouraged to consider making a gift to one of our three NBC scholarships - the Cook, Douglas and Jaye Memorial Scholarships. These are awarded in May to our NBC students who apply and meet the necessary requirements.

Valentine Banquet

February 8, 2020 - 5:30 p.mTickets are on sale now through February 5!  $30 couple / $15 for an individualMenu will be New Orleans type fare. Entertainment will be provided by the Jasper High School Jazz Band!! Proceeds will benefit our youth going to FUGE in June.


Food Closet Needs - small bags of ready to eat cereal, saltine crackers, canned beans other than green beans, canned fruit


Contribution Statements

Your 2019 contribution statements are available in the church office. These may be picked up duringregular office hours. ((ADDED NOTE FROM SHAWN =) : If you have a Realm login, you call pull up and print your own contribution statement from your computer at (It includes all gifts whether they were given online or not.)  If you haven't yet signed into Realm, I'll be glad to help get you set up.  

NBC Family


Welcome New Member

Abbey Cordes - 949 Windham Loop Jasper, AL 35503


VIP Of The Week-

Charlotte Dozier (mother of Stephanie Martin) Ridgewood Health Care  201 Oakhill Road  Jasper, AL 35504



- Lisa Allen in the death of her uncle, Frank Burttram

- Faye Kendrick in the death of her sister, Era Scruggs



To the Student Ministry In Memory of Mr. Royden “Click” Jaye by the Hollister family of Mobile

To Lottie Moon In Memory of Bonnie Palmer by Margaret Hamrick

Pray For


Missionaries of the Month

Jerry & Christi Haag - Florida Baptist Children’s Home and One More Child Ministries in Tampa, FL

Educators of the Month

Double Springs Middle School - Patty Bailey
Wallace State Comm. College - Adam Frazar


Ministry Teams for Sunday, January 26

Kingdom Kids:             1/26: Jody / Robin Claborn
                                     2/2: Kasey Wiginton, Kristi Stinson
Youth Choir Snack:     1/26:  Lisa Elmore, Lori Hayes              
                                    2/2: Holly Rivers, Tracy Ferguson
Patrol : Alan Hadaway, Jason Brown, Jared Barton
Usher Captain: Kenny Horton
Membership: (January): Christy Pavlovec
Sound : Dustin Bailey
Video Projection: Kasey Wiginton
Welcome Center:     Before Sunday School: Pam Westbrook, Bobbie Brown    
                                 Before Worship: Barney Self, Justin Robinson    
                                 Front Porch Greeters: John and Sabrina Jaye 


ETC (for children birth - age 3)

January 26:

A.M. Dorma Green, Lisa Elmore, Susan Rolley, Abbie Day, Madelyn Seiberling, Kortnee Langley, Chelsea Byrd, Ryan George, Jimmy Green

P.M. Charlene Bishop, Kim Johnsey, Adam Kimbrell, Kristina Hadaway, Jason Brown

February 2:

A.M. Cathy Hadaway, Pat Horton, Wanda Pate, Abbey Cordes, Emily Redmill, Alice Self, Heather Jaye, Hayden Yerby, Josh Pavlovec

P.M. Kendra Brown, Mandy Reeves, Missy Lay, Barney Self, Rick Brown

If you cannot serve at your assigned time, please arrange a swap with someone from another day and advise the nursery coordinator of the swap. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the preschool area.  If you’d be willing to serve in ETC, please let Wanda Pate know. We sure could use some extra folks!



Deacons On Call:

January 26 - February 1

Justin Robinson 205-544-9982

Kenny Horton 205-275-4037



Weekly Budget Needs       $11,982.92      
Received 1/19/20               $11,343.00
Budget Needs YTD            $251,641.32
Rec’d YTD                         $258,436.49  

Offerings & Attendance January 19, 2020

General Fund      $11,342
Capital Fund       $560
Missions Fund     $100
Building Fund      $65
Lottie Moon         $1,420
Food Closet        $250
Youth Ministry     $100
Disaster Relief    $50 


Attendance: 189

Contacts: 16