Updated April 30, 2021


In order to try and protect those who choose to gather with us, there are certain measures we are taking to hopefully minimize the likelihood of someone contracting the virus here.

 - The far left section of seating in our sanctuary (the section nearest the piano) is mask required. If you choose to only be surrounded by others in masks, this is where you should sit. All other areas in our building we encourage but do not require wearing of masks.

 - The seating in our sanctuary is marked off so that we are only using every other pew for social distancing purposes. If you'd like to be seated even further away from others, there is typically plenty of room in our balcony seating.

 - Our adult Sunday School classes are meeting combined in our largest rooms available. Our younger adult classes are meeting in our choir room. Our older adult classes are meeting in our fellowship hall.     

Important links:

Sunday Livestream at 11 am via Facebook

Sunday Livestream at 11am via Youtube

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